Gelato Tricycle

The Gelato Tricycles

The founders of Jersey Jack Gelato have combined their passions for cycling and Gelato making through the introduction of Gelato Tricycles.

Our Gelato Tricycles are beautifully designed in a traditional, ‘old world’ style. they are a touch of class to their surroundings and arouse feelings of nostalgia for times less complicated.

The Tricycles are ‘eye catching’ and create a  buzz of excitement wherever they go, especially with children.

Jersey Jack Gelato has a number of Tricycles at tourist hotspots within the city, details of these locations can be found by using the Whatsapp button below.

Where to use the Tricycles

Our Tricycles are available for private bookings at occasions such as:

Please click the links above for more details, for more information about how we can help to make your next event a success.

Tricycle Facts

– Tricycle’s are battery powered, environmentally friendly, silent and fully mobile.

– The Tricycles are a fully mobile Gelato shop, they occupy a small footprint and can fit into the smallest event spaces. (2.1m x 0.9m)

– The Tricycle can fit inside most Bomba elevators, rooftop and poolside parties are no problem !

– The Tricycle’s can carry nine delicious Gelato flavours. Tricycles are transported to and from the event.

– Uniformed serving staff are provided to serve the Gelato to guests either in a cup or cone, customer preference.

– Potential customers are welcome to come to our outlets for a free tasting session to select their favourite nine flavours.

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