At Jersey Jack Gelato we support many conferences from finance to oil & gas, medical, fashion and technology to name a few.  The Gelato Tricycle offers something new and unique to potential customers and is a great way to attract guests to your products.

Mobile, battery powered and silent allows the Gelato Tricycle to operate in any location.  The Tricycle occupies a small footprint and can fit inside the smallest venues whilst being eye catching with a beautiful aesthetic to be noticed in the largest banquet halls and event fields.  Tricycle’s are not restricted by the need to ‘plug in’, being environmentally friendly they can operate in any indoor or outdoor space and fit inside most Bomba elevators.

Customers can come to our outlets for a free tasting session to select their favourite flavours from our menu of approx. 70 flavours.  Bring along friends and family to help with the selection.  There are more than enough flavours to satisfy all tastes and preferences.  We also have a large selection of Sorbets which are fat free and Vegan to cater to all dietary preferences.  Tricycles can carry nine delicious flavours for events ranging from 50 pax. to over 1000 pax. 

Gelato appeals to all age groups from young to old, we have a combination of traditional Italian flavours, local flavours and fusion flavours.  We can also make custom flavours to fit with the theme of the event.

A combination of great service, world class Gelato and a beautiful Tricycle always makes Jersey Jack the star attraction and is guaranteed to make your special day a great success and memorable for all !

Where to use the Tricycles

Our Tricycles are available for private bookings at occasions such as:

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