Commercial Sales

Commercial Sales

Jersey Jack Gelato’s range of 70 flavours is available for supply to selected hotels, event spaces and restaurants throughout the Klang Valley.

Our Gelato is supplied in 2.5 litre and 5.0 litre plastic containers, all Gelato is made fresh to order, we do not keep stock !  Specialist, seasonal flavours such as Christmas Pudding & Spiced Pumpkin must be pre-ordered in advance of the festival.

Jersey Jack gelato has been voted KL’s best Gelato/Ice Cream on Trip Advisor, we have a 5 star excellence rating, click the link to check out our reviews.

MOQ is 10 litres
Free delivery
Shelf life at -18 deg C is 6 months
Large selection of vegan flavours

Custom Flavours

As a small Artisan producer of Italian Gelato all of our flavours have a certain exclusivity. We are always looking for the opportunity to develop signature flavours for restaurant owners and Executive chefs which will compliment any menu by creating a truly unique identity.

Through a process of collaboration custom flavours can be produced witch sets the  restaurant apart and are available nowhere else. All flavours developed in such a way would be exclusive to the customer and would not be produced for our Gelato shop or any other restaurant.  The minimum order quantity for exclusive flavours is 10 Liters.

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